Protection of information and technical security is critical to any organization’s success. We can provide timely and accurate technical solutions to enable your enterprise to proceed with confidence. Our services allow clients to maintain an efficient and secure working environment, helping to avoid unforeseen technical vulnerabilities while gaining advantages over competitors by being at least a few steps ahead of the pack.

What we offer:

  • Encryption of technical channels of communication and ensuring technical security
  • Integrated and biometric security systems, human identification systems, video surveillance, access control, working time recording, authentication, fire alarm systems & integration, logistics safety, anti-tampering, security sealing, etc.
  • Server and hardware access restriction via integrated technical means: antivirus, firewall, routers, smart cards, etc.
  • Prevention of information leaks through technical channels
  • Prevention of information transmission channel blockage
  • Prevention of hardware carrier destruction due to intentional actions or unauthorized modification
  • Prevention of access for third parties through organizational and technical measures
  • Other areas of technical support and protection